sun- ‘rainforest’ -set

making way past conceptualised safari land

made up

seeing orange in sky sand


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lightning occurred

It appears mostly during rainy conditions and can show up on other occasions too. Similar to a science experiment explosion in a chemistry lab.

What is it?

“Lightning is an electrical discharge caused by imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves. Most lightning occurs within the clouds.”National Geographic

Cloudy Blur

Fragmented from:

SOOOOO COOL 😀 – even the rain noises are so asmr!

Take a pop outside when the sky’s like that



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Vanilla Orange

ICE CREAM 😀 plus kewl photography 😉

Vanilla Kinder Bueno Strawb

Admiration at its finest

and …

the morning after

chandademiphotography📷 (converted from video to picture)

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