The Sims 4: Glamorous University Housing🎓 – 1 Bed 1 Bathroom Home👜👠



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It’s officially 24 days until Christmas🎄

Welcome back to my blog and I’ve returned with a new post 🙂

I’m back from a mini posting break. During that time, I’ve been working on house builds and dealing with other matters too.

Discover University was the latest expansion pack released by the Sims franchise. I had the pleasure to play and explore its facilities during gameplay.

I’m currently still curiously pursuing its features and may upload more interior design projects in the future.

This time, I decide to renovate Honeydew Fields, which is a 1-bedroom house in the city of Britechester.

The house prior to its change was outdated and not suitable for a university student.

I revamped the entire home into a glamorous house with luxurious furnishings – made especially for a girly girl.

As it stands, the house consists of 1 bedroom 1 bathroom and has a garden. It’s near two universities and has access to natural environments.

Also, there’s local hang out spots and establishments ready-made to study too.

Let’s check out the pictures photographed of each room 📸⬇️



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Sims 4: 2-Bed City Apartment Transformation🏙


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Helllo 🙋🏾

Welcome back to my blog🤗

I’ll be showing pictures of the latest property development project I undertook.

A while ago, I renovated a 2-bed apartment in the city.  It was made for 2 females, who were city interns and I designed a fit which would suit their personalities and career choice.

I had the pleasure of transforming a dark and unfulfilled space into a contemporary, vibrant environment perfectly made for the female nature.

This is one of my favourite interior design projects so far! So I’m excited to share the pictures below:


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Thank you for viewing this property exhibition! + stay tuned for more posts 💛

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Sims 4 Exterior Design-Build: Front Patio + Garden Renovation🌿🌳

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 10.37.12 AM
Graphic credit: Chanda D W



I’m back with a new exhibition post

Now the sleep series has finished, I’ve decided to continue with Sims 4 interior and exterior design-builds.

In this post, I’ll be hosting an exhibition to show the before and after shots of the property renovation.

Previously, I developed the interior of a 1-bed bungalow and you can see it here: Sims 4: Interior Design-Build (1 Bed Bungalow) 🏘.

Once the inside was done, I transformed the exterior too.

Check out the changes I made in the gallery ⬇️


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Sleep Series (2) – Dreams🛌💭

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“The post is a follow up from the previous one, which talked about Sleep Series (1): 5 Benefits of Naps💤

Welcome back to part 2!

In this article, I’ll be discussing dreams because it ties into the sleep topic.

What Are Dreams?

“Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre” (Adam Felman , 2018) 

We’ve all experienced good or bad dreams in our lifetime here on Earth. It can be puzzling to figure out what they mean or even decipher them. There are websites which provide detailed explanations and reasons on the meanings of dreams. However, they aren’t actually 100% accurate so it’s subjective to the individual.

Sleep Stages (5)

Dreams occur during our sleep cycles. There are five stages we go through every night and I’m going to discuss in detail stage 5 which is most related to dreams.  This part is called REM – it stands for Rapid Eye Movement – our bodies go through a number of changes physically. The eyes move rapidly under the lids, breathing becomes shallow and the limbs paralyse. Also, blood pressure increases too.

During this time, you can experience yourself being half-awake half asleep. You’re in a state of rest but are still able to hear what’s going on in your surroundings. At this point, lucid dreams can occur so it’s a hybrid between day-dreaming and sleep thinking. Towards the end of this period, we start to wake up and start a new day.

Dream Memory Recollection

Not all dreams can be remembered upon rising in the morning. I’ve come to recognise there are two outcomes. One is you recollect all entirely and the other route is it’s forgotten about. The lost dream can be triggered back into the mind from stimulation in the external environment. It helps if you are able to log the dreams in a diary or notebook. It works if you’re a frequent dreamer and there are reoccurring themes discovered (or a feeling that comes up as a result of it).

Pre-Cognition & Dreams

It has been reported dreams can be a form of pre-cognition. Pre-cognition is the ability to see future events. I don’t know how popular this circumstance is amongst people (or those of you who are reading this post), but it has been noted it does happen. Dreamers have predicted the future; for example, you may have dreams about events or situation that will happen later on in life. The time frame within when it comes into fruition may vary between people, so you’d have to refer to stored memories or notes to clarify it’s action in reality. There’s an article on the validity of precognitive dreams (click the hyperlink to find out more and people’s experiences).


Dreams are complex and full of possibilities. It has become a subject that many scientists are still investigating. I believe this is because there’s no concrete method of proving its existence. The visuals happen in the individual’s brain and can’t be captured on sleep monitors. Personally, dreams are a great way to clear the subconscious and let go of repressed memories. Also, exploring their meanings and seeing if they are precognitive ones are interesting too. It’s similar to fitting a puzzle together as you search for the pieces (browsing for its prominence) to see the bigger picture.

All websites used have been referenced.

We’ve come to the end of the post now and I’d like to thank you for reading this post.

Stay tuned for the next one 


Book Review: Tell Us Something True📚


Photo credit: Chanda D W

Welcome back👋🏾

I’ll be doing a book review on Tell Us Something True. I picked it up from my local bookstore and finished it over the course of a couple of weeks. It was a slow read, but an enjoyable one.

For a synopsis of the book, the blurb writes 17-year old boy River doesn’t know what to do with himself when Penny, the girl he adores, breaks up with him. Soon he’s faking his way into a support group for teens with various addictions. He connects with them and meets an amazing girl. River wants to tell the truth, but he can’t stop lying and his tangle of deception may unravel before he learns how to handle the most potent drug of all: true love (Dana Reinhardt, 2016)

The story was set in America and makes many references to locations in the area the characters are situated in. The plot was centered around River Dean, who was battling two conflicting narratives throughout its content. He joins a support group for overcoming addictions and meets an incredible girl called Daphne.

Does he have an addiction? 

Suddenly, he experiences and develops a pure, true love for her. However, he fails to express his feelings towards her. As a consequence of this mishap, he goes through a number of obstacles to get her.

Did they get together?

‘Everything gets entangled because he creates a sticky spider web around him’ (Chanda West, 2019)

It’s one of the ways to describe how he behaves. He tries to do the right thing in the wrong ways.

The book touches on sensitive matters, such as family and friendship dynamics and love.  I’ve noticed young adult fiction Author’s approach these topics in a concentrated fashion. They are able to discuss it in an engaging manner, which is humorous and allows you to become immense in the storyline. There should be a follow-up, a part 2 because the suspense leaves you wanting more.

Overall, I was pleased reading this book because of the occasional light-hearted content. It balances out the other subjects talked about. It also tackles marijuana addiction and shows support groups are available. It’s relatable for people who have addiction problems because it can be hard to ask or accept external assistance. The author was able to portray multiple characters throughout. Every one of them had a distinct role and  Dana wrote it well.

That leads to this point:

It was easy to read because of the language used. It was clear and consistent to take in the words. You could essentially appoint voices to them.

Thank you for reading 🙂 

The story ends on a cliffhanger of what seems to be their happily ever after…


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Sims 4: Interior Design-Build​ 🏘


Welcome back to my blog

I’ll be showcasing pictures from the interior of a newly furnished home.

I renovated a 1-bed bungalow for a freelance fashion photographer.

Objects from the Moschino stuff pack were used to create the photography room.

Also, furniture items from other expansion and game packs were purchased to complete this look.

Rich, deep and soft pastel colours were chosen for the aesthetics.

Watch the slideshow to see the house tour!⬇️

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Thank you for viewing 🙋🏾

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Sleep Series (1): 5 Benefits of Naps💤


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“I came up with this idea of the series after I woke up from a nap” – how ironic😂 (West, 2019)

Hello Hiii, welcome back to my blog 🙂

I’m back with a post on napping. I’ve written an article on it in the past. However, I took a different approach to the subject. I researched into Naps: How Productive Are They? #TopicOfTheDay 🛌🔬 ; and wrote a poem – Mind Nap💤.

Check and explore the two perspectives…

In this post, I’ll be providing five benefits of taking naps:

  1. Well Rested: From experience, naps can be efficient enough to recharge your energy batteries. Falling asleep for a brief period of time can make you feel rejuvenated when you wake up, leaving you with the motivation to complete tasks.
  2. Me ‘Free’ Time: One of the only times you can get me time is napping. The session only requires yourself to show up and give your body and mind the opportunity to rest. Also, it’s a space to gain strength for the day ahead.
  3. Locations are endless: Napping doesn’t only have to happen in the bedroom. It can be done anywhere. Preferably, you would want to be in a comfortable spot which gives you the freedom and seclusion to do so.
  4. Napping Accessories: Naps can be made more comfortable and enjoyable by wrapping yourself with a favourite blanket. It reinforces security and relaxation, usually, I’ve found soft materials work well when it comes to sleeping.
  5. Overall Balance: Naps can balance out your day, especially if you have a demanding job or lead a busy lifestyle. It can also be relevant even for slower-paced lifestyles. It revitalises your system and helps avoid burn out or being overworked.

In the next part of the series, I will be discussing dreams so I’ll see you guys in the next post. 

Thank you for reading this one❤️


Nasal Contour👃🏾- How To Make Up Tutorial👩🏾‍🎨

First makeup video of 2019!

Hello welcome back🙌🏾

I’ve created a makeup tutorial on how to contour the nose. I have left a disclaimer in the YouTube description box. I don’t know when I’ll be releasing another one but this idea came to me before the new year. So I decided to pursue it and here we are.. check it out below👇🏾

Chanda D💋

Response To @Bustle Article: Cats See Humans As Bigger Cats😺

“Cats apparently think humans are bigger, clumsy, hairless cats, so that’s adorable” (Nina Khan, Bustle)

I came across an article on the Bustle website during Saturday afternoon. I was drawn to it, because I’m intrigued by animal behaviour and with cats being one of them. I was excited to read on more, so I could understand the title. It’s interesting how something can just stand out at you; encouraging you to investigate further.

I’ve always been puzzled by cats behaviour and wondered how animals view us humans in general. Especially flys, I learnt recently they have multiple eyes, so their eyesight maybe all over the place (who knows???).

Screenshot taken from the Bustle article website (image linked to direct source)

Cat communicate through their body language, gestures and vocal expressions (meowing) to signal what they want. If you respond to a cat in the same way, you get into this meowing match😂. It’s weird, because it raises a thought in your head. Do they understand what you’re saying? Because it might mean something in their language. Or you could just appear friendly to them, making it likely to want to play with you.

I would suggest reading the article above, because it gives insight from an feline expert on the communication between cats and humans. You’ll be able to understand the dynamic in the interaction. Also, there is content on YouTube too, to help get to know them and their behaviour. It’s suitable for anyone who’s interested or looking to become an owner of a fluffy kitty in future.

Thank you for reading this post 🙇🏾‍♀️

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Sometimes I Just Like To Write (Update)📝

“Dear diary”


I haven’t wrote a post like this in a while, I’ve been focusing more on the practical side of things. Slightly ignoring typing detailed blog posts, so this morning I thought I decide to start doing this.

The past couple of months I’ve been doing artsy things and you can see this in the previous posts. However if you go further back, you’ll be able to read in depth posts you may be able to relate to.

One reason why I’ve been doing the artsy stuff is because it’s more engaging and it keeps your mind at bay. It puts you into a meditative trance where all you’re doing is concentrating on the practice in front of you.

Also, you can’t be so serious all the time. It’s very dense and wears you down. You have to find balance in between being serious and still keeping things light hearted. Otherwise, it will become overwhelming always focussing so heavily on being stiff. It will affect your body and muscles. I think doing Yoga and getting exercise in is beneficial to loosen those areas, so energy can move more fluidly through your body.

What do you do in your pass time?

Share your choices in the comments below

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