I have an idea what this is, do you?

The clue is in the title …

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“Nail Gaming” 💅🏽🎮


Writing again ….

I’ve featured this photograph for one purpose only – OPTICAL ILLUSION!

For this nail design, the waning and waxing crescent moon were printed on shellac nails.

The whole process took 1 – 3 hours whilst gaming.

Multi-tasking evening catching shooting stars painting nails much to my amusement; Pressing ‘A’, manoeuvring the right joystick, all while stroking and UV LED drying polish.

Until the next post 😉

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Portable Gaming & Music 🎮🎵

Chanda The Explorer

Post nature walk, I got encouraged to categorise my travel, nature and astro- photography posts.

Location: Totteridge Green






Serene Air

February 2021. Location: Golders Hill Park. Nature Adventures.

A post spurred by going on a walk.

There’s something indescribable about being in nature.

`The air breathed in is greater

Perfect wind down for sleep later


October 2017 photos. Location: Hampstead Heath Park

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Berries & Cream Snow Nails

Snow day ❄️❄️❄️

I’m pleased to see it after it’s long-awaited appearance, because I was not expecting snow this festive season. Today I was surprised very much to my excitement and captured a photo souvenir.

I got inspired from the sudden fall to paint my nails and used Rimmel London 60 sec polish. I’ve called this “manicure in-between” as I will be re-doing them again shortly with UV gel.

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Portable Gaming & Music 🎮🎵

Photo by Dark Indigo on

Hi there,

I’ve been away from my blog. In that period of time, I’ve gotten back into handheld games, developed nail painting skills and produced a new mix too.

Ohh yeah, I stopped procrastinating and started reading my book again! I may do a review once it’s finished but I’m not too sure yet. I’ve come back into myself – GREAT! Hopefully I can keep it up and not be distracted.

*lets not get sidetracked*

I’ve posted a new gaming video on YouTube:

Click and watch😊


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Hope you enjoy and stay tuned!💛

Staying In London🌠


Welcome back! It’s a new photography post 📸

Hope you all are well and still staying safe. We’ve had news updates on COVID-19 and restrictions have been lifted on social distancing.  Please look at news outlets for more information.

I haven’t been able to do photography, because my digital camera is broken. However, despite the technical issue, I still captured great photography shots.

These pictures were taken on a city staycation near Southbank, London. The roads were empty which helped photograph the moment. It enhanced the scenery and mood of the area. All I could hear were river tides and a silent atmosphere, unless there were forms of transport passing by.

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Shellac Nails: My Home Experience

selective focus photography of assorted polished artificial nails
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

This weekend, I treated myself to a DIY shellac manicure and pedicure. I had to wait for the gel polishes to arrive in the post. You’ll need a LED/UV nail lamp, gel polish base and topcoat, and the gel polish colour of your choice.  The lamp cuts the drying time significantly, so you won’t have to worry about smudges or wasting all the hours in the day.

Taken from my Instagram story. Photo credit: Chanda D W

Getting the nail salon experience is accomodating at this current time. Previously, I spoke about Coronavirus and how we’ve been forced into isolation. The safety measures implemented caused nail shops to close, so we’re unable to get our nails done. However, it shouldn’t stop us producing a replica environment at home. It’s recommended to have a nail kit to recreate this setting. I posted a picture (see above) because I was highly pleased with the outcome and it’s advisable to share your results with others too.

nail polish on white background
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

I did a matching set with the colour Raspberry. It’s similar to a hot pink but much fruiter. I like the thickness of the polish texture and consistency, so I’ll be purchasing more. I want to build up a gel polish collection, so I have more to select from. I might on my way to becoming a nail polish addict (within moderation). I’ve used normal nail polish, but shellac gel far outweighs them all. They are expensive so tread carefully entering this territory.

Natural lighting shot. Photo credit: Chanda D W

After Quarantine, I’ll still continue to do my own nails. It’s a financial saver and an option to consider while stuck indoors. Doing your nails can balance and focus your energy on the task at hand. Also, a bi-weekly or monthly routine comes handy between salon visits to nourish your nails.

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Remember to rub cuticle oil and carry hand cream in your bag 

Take care on your nail journey and see you in the next post!